The First Lady in Red is Ready!

Oh, gorgeous! *

While the autumn is still inviting us to cheer the colorful leaves and enjoy last sunny days, I already ask myself to look for the cute warm jacket and a pair of new wedges to stand out just from the beginning.

However, some things just have to wait for the right time. Until the coldness of bare trees reach our naked arms and the loneliness of rainy days finds our cheerful thoughts, I welcome you to meet and greet the First Lady of Red. Yet it's not too late to get some inspiration from the summertime!

When the fruits are ripped, it's harvest time, babes!

She is JUSTINA, who introduces herself as Justina Cha.

She lives in Vilnius, studies photography and works as a photographer and writer in an online fashion magazine called Swo (Switched-On).

She loves meeting new people and wears red, because she is very happy today.

She believes in a magical power of conkers - I still carry the one she gave me for making my wishes come true.

Sparkling eyes, inviting smile, an extravagant detail, a vintage bag and love for the nature!
This what Justina definitely has and knows how to show!

Check that online fashion magazine,you never heard about now: http://www.swo.lt
And tell your friends that TODAY is RED and everyone is invited!

Photography&text - Lady TechnoBEE
Illustration - Greta Madline

3 komentarai:

  1. This is so so so Sex and The City. (: Sunday sunny morning, white bathrobe, man at work, preparing to meet a friend for a coffee and.. And your article. So cheering. So fashion. So love it! And love the blue shoes as well. Kisses, darlin' <3

  2. Loved it! sunday, dress, a little bit of autumn... everything! ahh... im so waiting for the sunny sundays in Vilnius with you.!

    and i want a photoshoot! this time for real, my Big Cousin :DDD**

  3. I love reading blogpost at the moment their posted,though almost all the time I just can't be bothered to comment them..

    I'm loving the idea of this blog itself! And the blogpost seems like a strong start to me ^^ Can't wait for more (: