What is in common between red margarita, tight straps and things you never forget? The Beginning!

Cheers, beautiful! *

Have You ever been so deep in Your thoughts that You only woke up after time when the day closed down? Have you ever noticed Yourself still thinking about what You have seen before dipping Yourself into magical crystal of mind discussions? That ravishing woman who immediately took Your breath away when she passed You by and somehow still manages to stand out in the reminiscence of all other women You have ever seen?

She looks powerful like a cocktail of Margarita. 
She can be unpredictable like the beginning of the night after bleeding sunset.
She combines tenderness and fragility of the silk with the wild cat’s courage.

She is the LADY in RED.

Listening to the time.

We all know that black is the sexy colour, but it fits all. You have to be brave to wear red. The young princess and the older ladies here choose to be the ones You’re going to fall and built the fantasies for!

Today belongs to red and everyone is invited!

Bisou bisou***

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